Wednesday, May 30, 2012

a typical training day

peace corps training days are pretty packed. to give you an idea, here is what my days usually look like Mon-Sat:

5:30- get up to run (not every day)
6:30- shower/eat breakfast/do the homework i should have done the night before
8:00- start spanish class
12:00- lunch break/squeeze in a quick nap if possible
1:00- "applied spanish" where we do more hands on activities in the community.  this is mainly where we do our work with the youth group and our counterpart teacher.  we've also gone to meet several community leaders like the police, the local ministry of education office, etc.
4-5:00- finally done after 8 hours.  i sometimes talk our teacher into buying us ice cream from the local Eskimo ice cream shop. i try to stop by some of the other volunteers' houses to visit and see how their training is going too.
6:00- dinner with the favorite telenovela on in the background
7:00- work on the several reading assignments we have each week
9:00- bed time!

and then i do it again the next day...

there are days where we have technical training about different topics.  for example, today we had a three hour session on lesson planning with our local counterparts in the afternoon. other days we have an entire day of tech sessions starting at 8am.

overall, training has been pretty good. there is a reason they do it this way so we can get used to a lot of different things going on and changing schedules. there is also tons of information they are trying to teach us in a relatively short period of time. i'm enjoying training and the time we get to spend with the other volunteers since we'll be spread out across the country once we finish, but i'm also eager to start doing more hands on activities in the communities.

poco a poco...

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