Wednesday, December 12, 2012

technology dependency

my friend david asked me a nerdy econ question the other day.  "of all your posessions here, what do you derive the most utility from?"  or what gives me the most happiness.  i decided it was my computer since i have been without it for over three weeks now and i have been bored out of my mind in my down time.  i even started contemplating what reggaeton christmas music would sound like at one point...  after that, we both agreed that our cheap peace corps phones are pretty important to both of our lives.  especially since this conversation was happening over text message, i think the point is reinforced even more.  funny how these little candy bar phones that are like the phones people in the states used over 10 years ago are our most important posession.  but they keep us in contact with all of our other pcv friends.  we can call each other for free and send unlimited texts.  best $20 phone ever. 

the beach i was at over the weekend:

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