Saturday, March 31, 2012


my goal is to actually keep this updated fairly regularly. we'll see how that goes considering i only have two posts at the moment.

the latest- i leave in 37 days for nicaragua.  it will have been 21 months since i started my Peace Corps application. all i have to say is that it's about time! i didn't plan/or expect to be waiting tables for a year after graduating with a masters degree.  while the wait has been frustrating, i think it has also been good to have plenty of time to prepare.  i also have had some time to just enjoy life for a little while.

right now i'm trying to narrow down what things i want/need/should bring with me.  i'm starting to change addresses over to my parents', and i scheduled the cancelation of my gym membership for may. my departure is fast approaching... i'm excited! but also trying to enjoy the last weeks i have here.

i'm also trying to do some review of spanish as well as reading up on nicaraguan history.  most of the recommended books are focused on the 80s when the sandinistas came to power and the US funded the contras.

i get a ton of questions about immunizations from people. first, the peace corps is not going to send me off completely unvaccinated and say "have fun! watch out for typhoid!" second, i already have all the recommended shots. according to the list of recommended vaccinations, i need a seasonal flu shot. so fret not, anything that i am missing, they will be sure to immunize me. so i'll be getting a flu shot at the beginning of may.

ok, this counts as an update for the moment.  not much to talk about besides boring packing lists and such.  

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