Wednesday, April 11, 2012


i have a serious case of short-timers. i'm fighting every urge to give up all of my shifts at work. i just want to spend time people and read a bunch of stuff before i go.  sit in my hammock. go to the beach. etc. can't i do that? haha.  i'll be working for the next two years. can i take some time?

the countdown is now at 26 days. 11 shifts of waiting tables (provided i don't give up more of them). one of my managers commented on how i count half shifts.  pretty much as soon as i walk in the door, half a shift is gone in my book.  you know, the travel to work counts for something... right? still trying to work hard and stay motivated when i am there though.  i definitely want to leave on a good note.

things i still need to do: a lot. pack. move. pack more. read books about nica. go to the beach. buy a bunch of supplies. buy contacts. buy prescription sunglasses. find a few lightweight shirts... maybe i shouldn't be giving up so many shifts. ha. 

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